Monday, November 2, 2009

Aymara Language - linguistics

Ed_4 has sent me the following link:
ScienceDaily (June 13, 2006)
Backs To The Future: Aymara Language And Gesture Point To Mirror-Image View Of Time
The linguistic evidence seems, on the surface, clear: The Aymara language recruits "nayra," the basic word for "eye," "front" or "sight," to mean "past" and recruits "qhipa," the basic word for "back" or "behind," to mean "future." So, for example, the expression "nayra mara" – which translates in meaning to "last year" – can be literally glossed as "front year." “
But please red the article following the link.
There is something similar in Chinese, the day before yesterday is the day in front (前天). In front of - qianmian (前面), and the day after tomorrow is the day behind (后天), behind - houmian (后面). So there is something similar in Chinese.

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