Thursday, January 31, 2019

Scam von Lex R. – der sich als Manager der Chrispton petroleum company (CPC) ausgibt

Heute meldete sich Lex R. [Name geändert] von der Email-Adresse [Adresse angepasst] mit folgendem Text:
Schöne Grüße,
Chrispton petroleum company (CPC) Die Vereinigten Staaten suchen einen Partner, as a coordinator in Europe and Asien. As a Vermittler, zwischen unserem Unternehmen and the Endabnehmer von Mineralölprodukten in Diesen Regionen fungieren und mit Kunden darüber tradeshow für uns Bitte turn Sie sich an uns, um Information Information zu Ihrem Interesse zu erhalten.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Lex R.
(Managing director, Petroleum Sales Department)

Die Chrispton Petroleum Company gibt es wirklich. Und es gibt auch einen Managing Director Lex R. [Name geändert]. Aber mal ehrlich, wenn er einen Geschäftspartner suchen würde, hätte er sich dann an einen Arzt gewendet? Und würde er in schlechtem Deutsch schreiben, wo doch gute Übersetzungsprogramme existieren? Und seine Email-Adresse wäre auch nicht bei Hotmail sondern bei, oder nicht?
„Die Vereinigten Staaten suchen einen Partner“ schreibt Lex R. Also bitte – wenn die USA einen Partner wie mich suchen, dann sollte sich schon Präsident Trump (Potus) bei mir melden.

Pete Seeger sang in dem Lied (nach der Bibel) „Turn Turn Turn“: „To everything (turn, turn, turn) / There is a season (turn, turn, turn)” [Für jedes Ding (turn, turn, turn) / Gibt e seine Zeit (turn, turn, turn)] und: “A time to build up, a time to break down” [„Eine Zeit zum Aufbau, eine Zeit für den Abriss]. Er hat die Zeile vergessen: “A time to receive emails, a time to delete emails” [„Eine Zeit, um E-Mails zu erhalten, eine Zeit, um E-Mails zu löschen“].

Und das werde ich jetzt machen – die Email von Lex R. löschen. Und wenn auch Sie solche Scams erhalten – nicht antworten sondern löschen, und zwar sofort!


Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Still Winter

Grandmother always
Takes snow from plum boughs
For her best tea

Birds sing merrily
Like in spring, but too early
And drop from the bough

The fallow sun
Through the busy street
Golden reflections

Brother’s birthday
Winter storm stops
For a moment

As night progresses
The window front loses
Light by light

So much for winter
Premature primavera
And snowdrops ringing


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Poems published on POETS The Original on MeWe during January 2019

I am

Not I have -: I am
The lifelessness of heavy words
Living together of words
The plow trail in word fields
I furnish the field border with fences
Of my confidence

Word castles pelted with words of stone
Primary rock
Chants in the corridors
Shots from embrasures
Jagged swords
Harelipped language

I sang in singing
The song coagulated

Brackish water
Words broken into segments
Fast rapids
Rash rapids
Word rapids

I live
Inside the fences
Of my words

I go
Remove myself

Lots off
Solders off
Thread depths
Word depths

In which
I am

© 2019 Lothar M. Kirsch poem and picture

Ich bin

Nicht ich habe -: ich sei
Die Leblosigkeit schwerer Worte
Das ZusammenLeben von Worten
Die PflugSpur in WortFeldern
Ich säume den Rain mit Zäunen
Meiner Zuversicht

WortBurgen beworfen mit WortStein
Gesängen in den Gängen
Schüsse aus SchießScharten
Schartige Schwerter
HasenSchartige Sprache

Ich singe im Singen
Der Sang gerann

Worte in Wörter zerTeilt
Eilende Schnellen

Ich lebe
Innerhalb der Zäune
Meiner Worte

Ich gehe
EntFerne mich
Ins Grenzenlose

Lose aus
Lote aus

In denen
Ich bin

© 2012 Lothar M. Kirsch poem (German version)

     the e-cigarette
Not a
It can
The last
     In the


Sunrise, sunrise
The radio plays Norah Jones
And I’m awake as if
I was rising to
Summertime, time, time

The sun mellows the snow
That had fallen overnight
Smoke rises straight to the clouds
And I fly to the window

The kitchen floor is still cold
But steam is rising from
My freshly brewed green tea

I cannot keep my eyes off the roofs
Off the snow bathing in sunlight

Oh, I can, as I can't take my eyes off you

© 2019 Lothar M. Kirsch poem
#poetsphotoprompts by @karen Hayward
Thanks for the invite!

The Apple Tree

You had planted an apple tree
As a reminder, you’ve said
In case you had to leave
     and now you are gone
     you were taken so fast

But I’ve picked up from the floor
Every leaf as soon as it had fallen
I’ve written your name on each one
     and there are more and more
     like the burden of the years without you

The apple tree so sinless
Maybe it will have to leave, too
But until then I shall write
     on every leaf that will fall down
     always just your name

© 2019 Lothar M. Kirsch poem and pictures


We may live in parallel worlds
But our clocks tick in unison

One sleeps while the other is awake
But perhaps we’re only dreaming

The road winds on to the horizon
One is riding north, the other south

All permanence is but illusion
As our life is ephemeral

What we grasp, we cannot hold
But even so let’s join hands

Let’s write on the same paper
But speak in different words

Love, affection, devotion, adoration
But never hate, venom, rancor or revenge

Let’s synchronize our strides
As we walk along the path of life

And if one is laid into the grave
It still is synchronicity that rules

© 2019 Lothar M. Kirsch poem
Hosted and invited by -
@karen Hayward

The Ballad of the Wild Rose

The wild rose on the deserted island
Where the wind blustered in squalls
And the rose clad in red, shivering

Her lips not pale in the cold
But her thorns resistant to the wind
Drawing blood from his fierce caresses

Let me drink from your red lips
Said the wind to the rose
But she only shook her head

Then the wind left, but also returned
Fiercer, angrier, and colder than death
Accompanied by his brother, frost

And frost seized the rose inexorably
She could not even shiver anymore
Her thorns broke on the frost

The hold of the frost was choking her
She did not cry, when death came nearer
The wind scattered the petals of the rose

The snow turned red, the red of blood
The rose had died without a tear
But now the wind was full of tears

© 2019 Lothar M. Kirsch poem
Hosted and invited by @karen Hayward

Clippers & Monsters

In times gone by
Ships went to sea
Fully rigged clippers
White canvas in the sun

Then endless days
Through wind and spray
Clippers swiftly sailed
Nights, too, that is

When the wind howled
And the sea rolled
And the planks screeched
Lonely sailors in the bunk

Did you see the hobgoblin?
The flying Dutchman?
Saint Elmo’s fire?
Or the Leviathan?

No, no go back to sleep
As the ship rolled on
Then swiftly cutting waves
And all the monsters, too

Speed up, speed up
And win the race
Bring us the pricey tea
May no monster stop you!

© 2019 Lothar M. Kirsch poem
Hosted and invited by -
@karen Hayward

The ladybird lies down for a rest
In the bed of a white rosebud
But the lady is a tramp
And must be on the move
To other lovers
And miles to go
Then again
To take

© 2019 Lothar M. Kirsch poem
#poetsphotoprompts hosted by @karen
#nonet #structuredpoetry


Where are you flying to, butterfly?
Across the meadows and the fields
Or through the dreams of ancient daoists?

Take a rest throughout the night
And dream you were a maiden then
Or a philosopher deep in thought

Even while dreaming please keep in mind
That everything works better still
If shared with another butterfly

There are the glary colored butterflies
While others wear the mask of a moth
But each will flutter in delight

The year is young and it’s too early yet
To say farewell to frost and winter
Come close to the fire, but not too close

Let’s look at pictures from last summer
Rejoice in chattering about colorful flights
Or remember how sweet the nectar tasted

When it is time again to become a daoist
Then sit and ponder near a gurgling brook
Listen to what nature might tell you

The stars above and the flowers below
They are all made out of ancient stardust
Man or butterfly – it doesn’t matter at all

© 2019 Lothar M. Kirsch poem and picture

From: The Rut of the Butterflies

The rut of butterflies? The critic will ask: "Is there any?"
Me: "Let’s have a look."
He: "And what does the title have to do with the poems?"
Me: "Nothing at all. But it's a great title! "- A gleaning of two short poems

No mowing
On the commons
The grass is high
Straw yellow it stands
But nobody comes here
To do the mowing

Magic forest
The summer should not
Show up so gray
Even if in its light
The forest looks so magical

© 2019 Lothar M. Kirsch poems and picture


Die Brunft der Schmetterlinge? Der Kritiker wird fragen: „Gibt es die überhaupt?“ Ich: „Schau’mer mal.“ Er: „Und was hat der Titel überhaupt mit den Gedichten zu tun?“ Ich: „überhaupt nichts. Ist doch aber ein toller Titel!“ – Eine Nachlese

Keine Mahd
Auf dem Anger
Steht hoch das Gras
Strohgelb steht es
Aber niemand kommt
Hier noch zur Mahd

Zauberischer Wald
Der Sommer soll nicht
So grau sich zeigen
Auch wenn in seinem Licht
Der Wald so zauberisch steht

Die Brunft der Schmetterlinge (German) © 2016 Lothar M. Kirsch poems and text

With a Little Romance

Let's walk through the night
Forget the lights of the city
The owl screams forlornly
The wind howls in the grove

Let's sit down on the moss
Close to each other, embraced
Kiss me, strawberry lips
We should kiss and be silent

Let's link arms and go on
Up the hill, overgrown with heath
We smell the erica at our feet
And drink from the swift stream

Let us return from the night
Let us lie next to each other in bed

© 2019 Lothar M. Kirsch poem and picture

Let us not strife for fame or fortune?
Shan’t we live a merry life together?
Not knowing where the road is winding to
Achieving nothing in this humble town,
We have to lean on each of our brothers
And sisters, too, as I may tell you here.
Let’s walk together at a steady pace,
Not resting ere the brightest morning breaks
So give the sun a chance to light and warm
The scene that soon unravels to our sight.
Alas! This word was spoken forwardly,
As we have miles to go and cover still
The road through groves of bushes and of trees.
We shan’t rest long at Fairy’s Lake so blue,
But rest we shall and quickly be refresh’d.
Then afternoon starts darkening colors
And evening will finalize the work.
O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend
The brightest heaven of invention,
Light up the sky with fireworks or the moon
Let’s fill our jugs with light beer or strong ale
Let’s drink, be merry, dance and sing our songs.
No one should stand aside or serve others,
Let’s all link arms as brothers and sisters,
And strife for peace and freedom of our world!

© 2019 Lothar M. Kirsch poem
Thank you @karen Hayward for this wonderful lineprompt at  #poetstheoriginal #poetsmewe!

Leave us Koi alone

The koi enjoy
The rain and the ripples
They move through plants
Along the quay
Looking up
Much like we
Looking down
Both into other worlds

Let’s look up
To the birds
Sailing through the rain
And feel
What it must be
Looking up
From the pond

No, stop it!
Don’t enter the pool
Leave it to the koi
But enjoy the view

© 2019 Lothar M. Kirsch poem
Thank you @karen Hayward for this wonderful #poetsphotoprompts at  #poetstheoriginal #poetsmewe


We only speak a little
In the reed
Passing the word to
Wind and wild geese

The dark, clear water
Curling up
Then a rustle
Surrounding us

We glanced at the sky
And it gazed back

We still have more
Than of this day

© 2019 Lothar M. Kirsch poem and picture