Monday, November 3, 2014

White Wedding in Central Asia

Since a visit to Guangzhou (广州), where I've watched the steady come and go of newly weds with their photographer from sitting at a Starbucks sipping at my coffee, I am interested in the phenomenon. And I've seen people taking white wedding photographs all over the world.

Lining up for photographs

A happy couple waiting for their turn

Doesn't this happy woman make your day?

 Needless to say I looked out, when and where couples were to be seen. Oh, Turkmenistan. I nearly forgot Turkmenistan. It's forbidden in Turkmenistan to take photographs of weddings, at least tourists aren't allowed to take pictures. Besides the streets of Ashgabat are as empty as a ghost town.

But already in Khiva, the first town I've visited in Uzbekistan, I could see, that white weddings are en vogue in Uzbekistan.

Wedding planning in Khiva

Wedding photography near Lyabi Hauz in Bukhara

Then it took a while until I chanced upon a white wedding, but I saw a couple in Tashkent, who was nice enough to let me take the photograph: it had been pitch dark and the flash wasn't as good as needed, I have to admit.

Wedding in Tashkent

In Kyrgyzstan couples go to Freedom Square (commemorating World War II) to place some flowers at the monument have their pictures taken.

Freedom Square with the Yurt

A couple with the photographer taking a video

You will notice that also the white wedding is established in the Muslim world, at least in Central Asia.

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