Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Haiku – Southern Africa

This set of haiku was written during a trip to the Southern tip of Africa during November 2014.

Brooding heat
Impala runs for shadow
Cheetah for impala

Mosquitos buzzing
As we eat and talk
And welcome the bats

A fallen blossom, withering
Still smelling of youth

Blue starlings
Grabbing leftover chips
What a happy spring!

Spring evening
Frogs begin their concert
No ticket needed

Spring shower of rain
The savannah puts on green
Murky waterholes

Jacaranda tree
Flambuoyand with blue blossoms
But they fall like we

After 60 years
Still feeling
Like a puppy

Fresh dew on the grass
Don't call the sun to wake up
Early cicada

Soon after sunset
All cars must leave Etosha
Wilderness remains

Table mountain
Looking down the abyss
Falcon rises

Black night
Black Sabbath playing
Suddenly white noise

Kalahari below
All is red dust
Just like myself

At the waterhole
All animals in peace
So it seems

Corrugated roof
Birds in the Jacarandas
Blossoms on the road

Reddish brown water
white spray down the waterfall
Black crow flying by

Past the waterfall
Cormorant dries its' wings
My dry mouth

Cascades of white water
Running over black basalt
A heli circles


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