Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Very Basic Guide to Portuguese

Portuguese is an important language, there are about 22 Mill. Native spekers! It’s spoken in Portugal, of course, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, and other countries, which were tied to Portugal in colonial times. I won’t come to dialects as we are on the very basic level. You might have problems with the pronunciation as some vowels are omitted, some are nasalized, there are diphthongs, and there are end-S, which are pronounced as a sh. Get a feeling for this by listening to fado, samba, or spoken Portuguese.

Thanks – obrigado (m), obrigada (f) – yes, there are differences, if you’re male you say obrigado
Yes - sim
No - não
Do you speak English? - você fala Inglês?
Please – por favor
Excuse me – desculpe-me
You’re welcome – de nada
Good morning – bom dia
Good afternoon - boa tarde
Good evening/night – boa noite
Hello – olá
Goodbye – adeus or tchau
How are you? - como vai?
I would like to buy ... - eu gostaria de comprar ...
How much is it? – quanto custa isto?
Please write it down - por favor anotá-la
I don’t understand – eu não entendo
Where is – onde é
Where are the toilets? – onde é o banheiro? Or: Onde é o quarto de banho?
I'm lost - estou perdido
What is your name? – como você se chama?
My name is LMK – meu nome é LMK
Left – esquerda
Right – direita
Please call a doctor quickly - por favor, chame um médico rapidamente

Please blame any mistakes on me.

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