Monday, April 4, 2011

Recommendations for a sound sleep

  • Keep a regular sleep-wake cycle, i.e. go to bed get up at similar times or at fixed times, even on weekends.

  • Go to bed only if you are tired. If you can’t find sleep within half an hour, rather get up and do progressive muscle relaxation after Jacobsen.

  • Slip out of the day slowly. Don’t take problems into the night to solve or to brood over, rather make a note for the next day and then pick up the problems again.

  • Watching TV is often unfavorably.

  • Develop rituals: - e.g. evening bath, not too strenuous with additives such as Valerian, Melissa, orange blossom, about 2 hours before the bed go, - or the famous glass of hot milk, do a fantasy trip.

  • Avoid tea and coffee in the afternoon; this may also include chocolate, ginger, chili, and others.

  • Late snack of carbohydrates, such as bananas, dates (serotonin), green salad.

  • Give up smoking, especially no smoking at night.

  • Avoid alcohol and certain drugs (Tranquillizer and barbiturates).

  • Daily exercise, but not within the last two hours before you go to bed, no extreme sports during the evening.

  • Avoid cold feet to, for example by a warm foot bath.

  • Keep dream diary.

  • No napping during the day (go sleepers can benefit from a nap during the day or a siesta, however.

  • The mattress should be pleasant, and therefore must have individually different hardness and perfectly adapt to the shape the body in different positions. Think also of the possibility of a water bed.

  • Prepare the room for sleeping: - dark, cool, - quiet, - put off the heating, - fresh air, - lavender pillow, - no TV - the color blue.

  • Don’t count sheep or spell backwards Czechoslovakia.

  • You may try Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy (4. Wiener school): try to stay awake (and you will fall asleep).

  • Turn the dial of the clock away.

  • Exchange a loud ticking clock.

  • If you must get up at night but, avoid bright light.

PS. I've just read: in "Never give a Sucker an even break", W.C. Fields is ooffering a cure for insomnia: "Get plenty of sleep". Goof luck!

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