Saturday, November 19, 2011

Learned Helplessness as a Predictor of Change in Functional Disability in

An interesting study on functional disability has been conducted by Elizabeth M. Camacho and colleagues. Learned helplessness may manifest in patients with inflammatory polyarthritis, when they feel to out of control, and as a result they may stop helping themselves, be non-compliant with their medication for instance. And this may have an impact on outcome like functional disability. The authors show that learned helplessness predicted change in disability. Therefore it is worth while to work on this risk factor in patients with inflammatory polyarthritis for a better disease outcome.

[TUE] 1872
Learned Helplessness Predicts 2-Year Change in Functional Disability in
Patients with Inflammatory Polyarthritis.
Elizabeth M. Camacho1, Suzanne Verstappen1, Diane K. Bunn2 and Deborah DPM Symmons1.
1University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom, 2University of East
Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom
Conclusion: Learned helplessness predicted change in disability. For the majority of people learned helplessness changed over 2 years, and hence it should be regarded as a modifiable risk factor for disease outcome in inflammatory polyarthritis.

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