Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tocilizumab Monotherapy vs. Humira Monotherapy

In a head to head study tocilizumab monotherapy  has been studied against humira monotherapy. Tocilizumab showed significantly better results.
Here a link, ‏@RonanTKavanagh supplied:  
I'll put on the abstract, later.
One question in a pre EULAR session to this study has been, if one should discontinue methotrexate. Most agreed that one shouldn't introduce methotrexate at the same time, when you switch to tocilizumab, but not to discontinue methotrexate if the patient already is treated with methotrexate and toloerates it. There has to come a study, but until then one can only extrapolate.
Another problem might be the stronger reduction of inflammatory lab parameters. It was suggested to look at CDAI to rule out any interference by a stronger influende on these parameters by tocilizumab compared to humira.

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