Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tweetup EULAR 2012 - social event

Our social event has been a great success. People didn't have problems showing up in a restaurant in one of Berlin's nice quarters. Nice restaurant, nice atmosphere, great talks. Needs to be repeated at the next meeetings. Somehow I wonder, how Ronan guessed the right number of participants.
Here's the link to the picture Ronan just has put on Twitpic: 
He removed the flag from my face - I wonder how he did it! :-)

And here is one more by Michiel @zandbelt: 

Great Post on his blog! Irwin ‏@_connectedcare on his Berlin rheumination

Another picture supplied by Francis Berenbaum ‏@Larhumato

And Chetan Narshi ‏@rheumi_  shared the following picture: 

Will be continued as time goes by.

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