Monday, May 19, 2014

Tweetup EULAR14

So we've finally met again! The Tweetup lies behind us, the better part of the  EULAR 2014 Meeting in Paris lies ahead of us.
Nearly all could attend. Thanks for coming and sharing news and visions again.
Dr. Shashank Akerkar ‏@doctorakerkar twittering about the tweetup!
We definitely should have placed Abigail(ArthritisResTher @ArthritisRes) in the front row. Last year there were more women supporting the tweetup.

Original text below:

The EULAR 2014 Meeting in Paris lies only about 3 weeks ahead of us and we should plan our tweetup. Lets plan for a Tweetup at the meeting itself as well as a Social Tweetup as we already did a couple of times.

I propose communication should be done on twitter with the hashtag #EULAR14.

There are the usual problems, which I believe shouldn't be too difficult to solve, like how many people to expect and coming to a consent as for time and place.

Let’s first try to make sure, who is coming. Next step would be, where we could meet.

The meeting will start at the 11th of June and end at the 14th of June. More on the homepage of EULAR: Information on Le Palais des Congrès de Paris / 2, Place de la Porte Maillot / 75017 Paris at:

Some people already announced that they’ll be at the congress (Name / @ twitter):
Seth Ginsberg @CreakyJoints and @SethSaidSo
Dr. Nowell
Dr. Ai Lyn Tan @DrAiLynTan
Dr. Shashank Akerkar ‏@doctorakerkar 
Dr. Michiel Zandbelt @zandbelt
Dr. Antoni Chan ‏@synovialjoints 
Dr. Alfred Kim ‏@alhkim 
Dr. Chetan Narshi ‏@rheumi_  
ArthritisResTher ‏@ArthritisRes  
Dr. Thierry Cardon ‏@Docrhumato 
Dr. Carlo V Caballero MD ‏@carvicab 
Emilio Besada @besada_emilio
If you don't see your name here, please let me know. Anyone interested in tweet on rheumatology is welcome at our tweetup anyway!

I propose that we meet on Thursday at 12:15 p.m. at the exhibition hall. 12:15 p.m. would leave enough time to get to the meeting area and not having to leave a session too early. Please have a look at this map: 
In between GSK, Medac, Novartis, and the oval shaped room is a catering area that isn't too large and marked light blue. Please tell me, if that's convenient. We can talk over then, if we meet later in a bar / bistro, unless someone already has a good idea about the when and where.

Last year I've travelled to Madrid by plain and the had been an airtraffic strike in France. This year I intend to travel by train and there's a strike to be expected on Tuesday and Wednesday. So check your connections and expect some trouble reaching Paris. This is part of the text EULAR has sent to me:

Based on currently available information, the following strikes are now confirmed for next week in Paris (although the expected disturbances are still subject to evaluation):  
  • Strikes announced for Tuesday 10 (as of 19:00) and Wednesday 11 June 2014 (until 19:00 but can be extended)
  • This is a nationwide strike that will also impact the RER B line that is the main line travelling from the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris city centre
  • Impact:
    • Participants not being able to reach Paris by train (national and international)
    • Participants not being able to leave Paris airports by RER to reach the city centre, the hotels and the congress venue 
  • Strike announced for Wednesday 11 June 2014 (full day)
  • This is a European strike that will be also impacting other European capitals and that should impact most of public/official taxis in Paris
  • Impact:
    • Traffic jams and road blocks inside and outside Paris
    • Participants not being able to leave Paris airports by taxi
    • Participants experiencing transportation delays due to traffic conditions  
The above will most probably not affect the EULAR 2014 congress but will certainly affect participants trying to reach the city centre, the hotels and the congress venue on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 June 2014. 

Nothing new concerning the strike, but I hope to get more information tomorrow as today is a public holiday.

Metro will be available for transport in between railway stations, hotels, and the Congress Center (Porte Maillot). I've chosen to go by car, though.
Here's Michiel's PDF (full info see below):
The route of the 7km walk on PDF is here: (and I have a dutch text PDF telling me what we see)

See you on
Thursday at 12:15 p.m. at the exhibition hall!


  1. That's allright Lothar, let's gather at that specific catering area, exact time to be announced? (I'd suggest depending on ending of sessions, I do not know the schedule by head yet)

    1. I’ll check for the sessions and I guess it’ll be something like 12:15. I’ll announce it during the next days.

  2. I don't know of course how the others of you are used to do, but every time I visit a nice city for a conference I always take at least 3 hours/half-a-day off for sightseeing so that I do not have only seen the conference venue but also take a bit of a cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city with me home. So in London, Berlin as well as Madrid on previous EULAR occassions I made a small escape from the conference and walked round, took a metro or not and took some snapshots and also just took a moment to sit down somewhere and just relax and look around.

    This time my visit will be a bit short arriving Wednesday afternoon and travelling back Saturday afternoon. So when you decide you want at least a couple of horus off to do some sightseeing the hardest question always is: which hours to leave the conference venue, because after all you come for the conference. And as you arrive with a fresh mind I prefer the first full (Thurs)day to stay at the conference and absorb as much as possible. That leaves out the Friday or Saturday morning. Since I 'd like to attend a last WIN session on Sjögren's syndrome I have only the Friday left for the sightseeing.

    So,...after all these considerations..I think I will be off for a nice 7km walk through St Germain and Quartier Latin somewhere in the Friday afternoon, have dinner in Quartier Latin by the end of the walk and finish for an evening view of the Notre Dame nearby.

    If anyone wants to join me for a walk through this ancient (and students) part of Paris and/or want to go out and have dinner Friday eve over there let me know, preferably via twitter @andbelt.

    The route of the 7km walk on PDF is here: (and I have a dutch text PDF telling me what we see)

    1. Good idea! Let's fix it at the tweetup. I put the PDF up in the text for easier access.