Thursday, September 11, 2014

Carpe Diem Haiku Little Creatures


I’ve been writing haiku on crickets already for a while and selected a few of the newer ones.

Fresh morning 
Trees hide in the fog 
Crickets start working

Two cicadas 
On a long walkabout 
Sun climbing up

Heavy drums sounding 
From a village behind pines 
The crickets join in

So bright this morning 
Cicadas won’t sleep no more 
Tea rejoices, too

Gentle breeze, still warm 
Withering banana plant 
Cicada’s clear song

An airplane 
Flying low, roaring 
Cricket chirps louder

Kitchen fire 
Taking the pinch out of the cold 
Cricket’s summer song

Rain after midday 
Summer drifting away with clouds 
Cricket’s autumn song

Wind has made its pledge 
To outrun thunder and rain 
Giggling cicadas

Leaves are turning red 
Wild geese getting ready to leave 
But crickets still sing

Autumn colours 
Night refrains from falling 
Until the cricket stops

Why should it rain 
With multicoloured leaves 
Cricket keeps asking

Leaves changing colours
Mushrooms drying on wooden bench 
Say goodbye cricket 

Must sleep now 
With brown leaves as cover 
The cricket thinks

The leaves are rattling 
But the pine trees rest silently 
Cricket’s last song

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