Friday, December 11, 2015

Carpe Diem Haiku Special No. 186 Georgia's 2nd "days of Christmas" (choka)

The Christmas markets
Ev’ry year the same routine
Jingle Bells, White Christmas
Season keeps to grey and green
With no snow falling
Glaring sun and hot spice wine
Falling into dreams
Of good old days long gone by
Jingling of the sled
Drawn by cold bloods through the snow

Boughs of tall fir trees
Bobbing up and down in wind
Snow flakes spinning down
The holy night approaching
Home lies far ahead
Under dark sky sweet silence
Moving onwards, ho!
Caressed by crisp and cold air
Across the river
And over the round hillcock
The plain still visible
Twinkling stars and sickle moon

Smell the smoke from home
Wood burning at the fire place
Seeing the warm light
Then greetings and lavish feast

The noise grows louder
And visitors watch and buy
All busses ready
Tourists leave and shops are closed
Tranquil Christmas might start now


  1. Nicely done! Lots of visual and aromatic images

  2. Awesome you are bringing all my senses alive with this beautiful choka Lothar.

  3. Thanks! The choka is an interesting form!

  4. you've captured the business of the days leading up to Christmas and a longing for home

  5. You have used all the senses to great advantage.

  6. This is a wonderful choka and just having returned from the Christmas market in Innsbruck speaks volumes to me from the beginning to the well earned end. Bravo! Bastet