Sunday, June 25, 2017

Metta and Spam

I had written a short blogpost years ago (2011) [1]. The story is about a mosquito on a forehead, which was already sucking blood and couldn’t be removed. So Sheila let the mosquito suck enough blood and it dropped off. We were in front of a Chinese Buddhist Temple and Sheila was demonstrating how far Metta (compassion) can reach.

The short story attracted about 800 readers so far. But right now a spam bot wants to place a comment with a link. The bot already opened the post for more than 5000 times. The comment should lure readers to a video on a diet. Writing this I’ve opened the link. I’m the 59th visitor to this video. I wonder why the spammer uses this article and none on diets which I also have written. The article on boron and rheumatoid arthritis would have been a much better target [2].

I will show compassion and delete any comment by the spam bot without anger.



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