Friday, December 8, 2017

Good Travel Photography

On my recent travel I’ve seen a guy, who has made a photograph of Rano Kao in a very secluded area. So, why did he pose? For himself? Just for me at a distance? I don’t know, but I thought about, what kind of tips there could be for good travel photography.

You’ll find quite a lot of good tips on improving on your travel photography on the internet.

Camera – it’s less important what kind of equipment you have than to know what your equipment is capable of. Read the brochure more than once.
Always take your camera with you – some people never leave home without their credit card, you shouldn’t leave without your camera.
Prepare your trip – try to find out, what kind of photography will be waiting for you.
Right light – best light conditions are in the morning and late afternoon.
Get permission – don’t take for granted that you take a photograph, not of houses, places of worship, and most of all not of people. Ask! Learn at least some phrases of the language of the country in which you travel.
Balance your composition – straighten your horizon; a good camera will help you. And learn to appreciate the golden ratio or maybe a rule of thirds. Good cameras produce lines, you can use.
Use presets – use presets of your camera. Don’t leave everything to auto mode.
Be patient – with animals and also humans, it may take some time to get your idea, your camera and a moving object in line.
Back up – back up your pictures. If your camera is stolen, that’s bad luck, but even worse is losing all your pictures at the same time.
Monochrome – sometimes taking a step, that is from color to black and white makes a difference.
Framing – try to frame your scene, for instance by an arcade or a bridge, or trees.
Get a feeling for the unexpected – don’t try to shoot photos that everyone has seen before. Look for new aspects.
Edit your pictures – editing isn’t cheating.

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