Thursday, June 19, 2014

Newer Biologics at the EULAR 2014 Meeting in Paris

I've listed the newer biologics. Already I've marked some red as there haven't been new studies for a long time or an old study had been presented. This traffic light rating is subjective, but I think it may be helpful. None could be marked green as none is near approval as a drug.

Anti-IL-17 MAB
Brodalumab is doing fine, but the phase 3 study needs further recruiting. Ixekizumab seems to be abandoned as nothing has been published at the EULAR 2014 Meeting and usually the companies see that they publish a minor study. Secukinumab (anti-IL-17a MAB) showed data of a phase 3 study.

Anti-IL-6 MAB
Clazakizumab showed a phase 2b study including radiographic data; I think that's promising. Olokizumab seems to be abandoned as nothing has been published at the EULAR 2014 Meeting. Sarilumab (anti-IL-6 Receptor Alpha MAB met clinical, radiographic, and functional endpoints in a phase 3 study.

Anti-CD-6 MAB
Itolizumab showed results, that "provide strong preliminary evidence for the safety and efficacy".

Fibronectin-A-chain connected to IL-10
There's only one MAB and it's called dekavil. The study group presented 7 patients at the EULAR 2013 Meeting, 14 patients at the ACR 2013 Meeting, and now 20 patients. The patients were recruited in four different centers. I don't see the future of this approach as favourable as the authors.

Anti-GM-CSFR-Alpha MAB
Mavrilimumab has been presented in two studies, but no phase 3 study, but I guess that recruiting is a problem.

Anti-complement-factor-5a-receptor MAB
NNC0151-0000 has been stopped because of side effects. NNC0215-0384 is in phase 1.

Anti-B Cell Activating Factor MAB
Tabalumab has been presented with a phase 3 study (N=456) in two abstracts, but "demonstrated no clinical efficacy despite evidence of biologic activity, suggesting that targeting BAFF may not be a viable therapeutic approach to treating pts with RA."

Quite a lot of dead ends! But some interesting developments to get drugs with new modes of action as some of the existing options might not work due to class effects.


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