Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Reminiscing Spring before it ends

Spring came early and lasted long; still we have some time before spring will leave us for summer vacation. I have selected some haiku written during this spring and also some photographs I took during the past months. Pictures and haiku follow different paths, though I’ve put them together.

Grey concrete
Overshadowing grey clouds
A crocus, however

This cool spring morning
Sun paints golden on the wall
Stretching and yawning

Bamboo in cold rain
A house plays baroque music
Even birds listen

Spring, now official
Trees, flowers, bird, mice and men
Join for a new start

Birds in the cedars
A breeze full of hyacinth
How slowly the sun

Darkness just fading
One ray of sun coming down
A single plum blossom

Golden morning
Half the sky swept clean
Tea is ready!

White lilac blossoms
Getting brown on the edges
But spring feelings still

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