Monday, January 5, 2015

The Vest is the best

Last travel I mused about security vests. As it came to pass I watched two ladies of the ground staff at Johannesburg Airport, who had put on bright yellow security vests over their corporate costumes. And I remembered that I watched staff at gas stations on their break going out of the vending and cashier's area doing the same thing, putting on yellow security vests.
I have always been promoting the idea of security, especially on motorways, which are very dangerous if you fail to be seen. Still I see people next to a car with a flat tyre, who aren't donning security vests.
Lately I've seen a video on Youtube, which looked like a traffic accident on the autobahn, but as it turned out it is the flying saucer of two alien stranded on the left lane of the A3, which I use every day. And the two aliens were donning security vests.

It people at airports and gas stations are able to put on a security vest, and even aliens comply, then why can't you don the vest. Remember -: The Vest is the best!

Link: The German text on the video is a traffic forecast about an accident.


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