Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Basket full of Haiku

The air a little fresh
But the golden rim of clouds
And the skylark’s flight

Dewdrops on the grass
Morning sun in warm colours
And the warbler sings

Dance of butterflies
Descending and then climbing
First and only love

Breeze fading away
Bamboo still shaking off
Some yellow leaves

Geese fly back and forth
And will not start to migrate
During this Summer

The roofs are still wet
Rabbits hiding in burrows
But birds look for worms

Starry sky above
Looking to the dark bushes
Fireflies playing stars

Under light blue sky
The barley field rolls golden
A walker passing

Lightning and thunder
Move on with the summer wind
Streaks of mist rising

Hot Summer day
Thermic lifts the hawk high up
Then diving down

Body still asleep
Mind keeps wandering
On the road

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