Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ferghana Valley

Recently I visited the Ferghana Valley, which is about 300 km long and 110 km broad. Parts of this valley belong to Uzbekistan, others to Tajikistan, and also Kyrgyzstan. It’s a fertile strip of land and heavily populated. I’ve seen cotton, rice, maize, wheat, fruits, and vegetable as crops, but there is even more.

There have been ethnic and border conflicts during the past decade. Recently the region has been quiet.

Crossing the borders isn’t easy. I crossed from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan and then from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan. Every border took some time, but the personal wasn’t unfriendly.

I had been told and had read in travel guides that the people in the Ferghana Valley are very conservative and photography would be very difficult. So I was quite surprised finding the opposite. The people I’ve seen in Uzbekistan (the other regions weren’t different, but I spend more time in the Uzbekistan part) were very open, friendly and even encouraged photography. I’d like to thank the people of the Ferghana Valley sharing their way of living.

Dealing with spices

From the garden to the market

These two ladies liked their job and even made a present of tomatoes and garden cucumbers

These two ladies were on their way to do some shopping

A very proud grandfather

Horses and donkeys are still used for transport

 From times gone by - this 14 years old guy looks as sinister as planning the death of his father


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