Thursday, May 4, 2017

Good morning, Mr Magpie

Through the white lilac
Sun beams are painting pictures
But the worm crinkles

Grey shrouded morning
Chestnut’s candles aren’t burning
Man lighting his pipe

Gone so long ago
House seems endlessly empty
Your fragrance lingers

Mix of fog and rain
Yellow air and dark grey trees
No birds, flights delayed

Lost egg
Between the lilies
Happy magpie

After the sweeping
Cherry tree is kind enough
To shed some petals

A rosy cheek morning
The white mists are dissolving
And an early bird

Buddha beneath a fig tree
We beneath the mango tree
Instant enlightenment

Slight white lines of mist
Above yellow and green fields
Sun’s just erasing

The early magpie
In between the rushing cars
Picks from a flat hare


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