Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I've just received a spam:

hanks for giving your ideas. I might aso liҝе to convey tһat video games hae been eve evolving.
Technology advances
аnd revolutions һave helped ϲreate reasonable ɑnd
acctive games. Most of thes
е entertainment video games wer not actuɑlly ѕensible when the
real concept wass f
іrst bеing used. ust ike otһeг areas f
technology, video games as
ѡell hae had to progress tһrough many decades.

Тhis itself iis testimony for the fast development οf video games.

һave observed in tһе wοrld these days, video games include thе lattest trend
wih kids of all ages.
any tіmes іt maay be difficult to drag youг son or daughter away from the activities.
Ιf yoou ant tһe best f botһ worlds,
there ar
numerous educational gaming activities fr kids.
Good post.
One mo
гe isse iis video games ɑгe typically seriious іn nature with
һe key focus ߋn knowing things ratһer than leisure.
tһough, there's ann entertainment part to keеp уour
kids engaged, just
аbout еveү game iѕ usualy designed to ԝork
towards a specific experience
оr program, sսch aѕ
оr science. Τhanks for yor posting.

һave learned ѕome signifіcant things tһrough уou blog post.

One othe
г subject I woul like to convey is that thеre
are plenty of games out the
e designed particulary
for preschool age
ittle ones. Tһey consist ߋf pattern identification, colors, dogs, ɑnd forms.
ѕe normaly focus on familiarization instеad
of memorization. T
һis ill кeep children engaged ithout feeling ike thy are learning.
One more issue is
гeally tha video gaming ѕ becօme one of the al-time biggest fforms of recreation fr people
of ne
аrly eveгy age. Kids parricipate inn video games, аnd alѕo adulpts dߋ, too.

Your XBox 360 is amongst the favorite video games systems f
оr thosе whо love to havе hundreds of video games аvailable
to th
m, in addition to who like to play live ѡith otһer individuals al over tһe wold.
hank yo fr sharijg уour ideas.

The text above is a reply to my original text:  "Taumea gegen Schwindel". This is a blogpost in German and not in English and has nothing to do with video games. 
I've highlighted special words, which seem to be misspelled, but this can't be arbitrarily. There must be a purpose - I think the reason behind is to find the text, to make it unique and to baffle spam detection.

Let's look at a few ones:
1. acctive looks like a spelling mistake
2. ɑгe has a cyrillic g/г as a substitute for r
3. ust uses another J
4. thee is one word though we see it as "the r e" -  your word-processor will look at thee as a word
5. fr uses an extra character
6. еveү uses the Greek letter ү for y

What might be the reason behind posting this? Not the text itself! Maybe the spammer uses this text to identify blog, where it seems to be easy to drop links. Well, not on my blog!

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