Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cape Town

Some people asked me, why I'm talking so much and so exuberantly about Cape Town. The reason is simple -: I fell in love with that city at first view. I would have liked to visit the Table Mountain right away to have even a better view, but that wasn't possible due to the table cloth - clouds on the mountains. The cable car won't take anyone on top and everyone is called back by a horn. It simply is too dangerous walking in the clouds / fog as there aren't any safety fences in the national park area (right next to the cable car station are some walls, however).
I started reading Deon Meyer's thrillers featuring "Benny Griessel, a fading policeman on the brink of loosing his job, his family and self-respect." The crime scenes are always in Cape Town and I had the map of Cape Town and vicinity ready as I was reading the novels. I had been fun reading and visiting the city, where the novel play. It also gives inside into post apartheid South Africa.

Here you can see the table cloth and also the lookout point in "Thirteen Hours" by Deon Meyer.

Looking down from the cable car.

View from the top. You can see most of the city and Robben Island on the left. There's the football stadium and right of it you see Waterfront. The centre of the city is where the higher buildings are.

You can also walk up. It's 700 m change of altitude! The cable cat brings you up within a few minutes ... Take enough water with you. And sunscreen.

And you can watch the rock dassies. 

Or have a view of Camps Bay, where the richer people live.

Concerning a ride with the cable car: be very, no be very, very, very early as the queue might get very long.

The older parts of Cape Town have a European touch.

I visited the dock area and the harbour. Touristy Waterfront and the hard work area.

A band ready to play. Looks a bit like Buena Vista Social Club.

Lots of restaurants and amusement.

Shopping arcades - actually not my thing ...

... not even with mermaids.

And the docks.

Next to the Clock Tower is the Nelson Mandela Centre. I just checked. But I would have had to wait for about a week to get on a tour to Robben Island.

Looking into Riebeck St. from a pedestrian bridge.

Benny Griessel thrillers by Deon Meyer: Devil's Peak, Thirteen Hours, 7 Days, COBRA.


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