Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Bo-Kaap is Africaans and means "above the Cape". It's an interesting and colourful part of Cape Town. Bo-Kaap is situated beween Wale St. and the slopes of Signal Hill. The origin of this suburb is connected to one of the the dark pages of South African history. The suburb had been called the Malay quarters as people from Malay, India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka had been forced to live there as slaves. Some of the offspring still live there. The houses are painted very colourful. It's worth a visit and a the Bo-Kaap Museum on Wale St. is open on weekdays.

Bo-Kaap from Signal Hill

You might be insterested in looking at the mosque, as Bo-Kaap is also the tradional suburb for Muslims.

I had been quite surprised after coming back to Cologne to find some streets reminding me of Bo-Kaap. I have been to Köln-Mülheim, one of the suburbs of Cologne, since my childhood, but had never entered this particular set of streets. Now, due to parking restrictions I went there and look, what I saw there:

Maybe other cities have their little Bo-Kaaps, too.

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