Monday, April 13, 2015

The Very Basic Guide to Afrikaans


Afrikaans is spoken in South Africa and as well in Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and others. It's the first languange of more than six million people. Until the late 19th century Afrikaans had been considered a Dutch dialect, but has developed into an own language Nowadays with more people speaking English as a second language, you shouldn't go astray in South Africa and the neighbouring countries without knowing Afrikanns, but I think it's worth to know at least some basics.

Thanks – dankie
Yes - ja
No - nee
Do you speak English? - praat jy Engels?
Please – asseblief
Excuse me – verskoon my
Sorry – jammer
Good morning – goeiemore
Good day – goeiemiddag
Good evening – goeienaand
Hello – hallo
Goodbye – totsiens
How are you? Hoe gaan dit?
I'm looking for ... - ek soek na ...
How much is it? – hoeveel kos dit?
Please write it down- kan jy asseblief dit neerskryf
I (don’t) understand – ek verstaan (nie)
Where is – waar is
Where's the nearest ... - waar's die naaste ...
Where are the toilets? – waar is die toilet?
I'm lost - ek is verdwaal
What is your name? – Wat's jou naam?
I am LMK – my naam is LMK
Left – links
Right – regs (g pronounced like ch in Loch Ness)
Call a doctor - kry 'n dokter

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