Monday, April 13, 2015

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and for some people it's one of the highlights of Africa. The falls have a drop of 108 m and stretch for 1.7 km.
David Livingstone discovered the falls in 1855 and named this natural wonder after Queen Victoria.
For views it's better to be on the Zimbabwe side of the border. One can watch the falls from safe viewpoints as well as directly from the edge of the cliff. Best views are in (afternoon) sunshine, when one or two rainbows can be seen. If the Zambezi carries too much water (rainy season) one sees less as all is covered in haze.

In the forenoon, overcast skies 

Too much haze ...

Eastern part of the cataract after the sun cleared the sky

Two rainbows

Western part of the cataract in sunshine

You can go onto the bridge, but you need a permit, which doesn't even have your name on it. Bungee-jumping on the bridge!

Some people go for the natural pool on top of the falls 

You might like hearing the falls

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