Monday, December 19, 2011

Fibromyalgia and Andullation Therapy

A couple of weeks ago I’ve found a paper in my mailbox: "your health newspaper - scientific, medical, human for €2,10". It hailed the so-called andullation. The article "Fibromyalgia - chronic disease and mystery" doesn’t reflect current scientific knowledge about the disease.

Andullation doesn’t have a Wikipedia article: (s.o. wants to put it on Wikipedia, but hasn’t done so, yet.) Some information is available from the German homepage esowatch: Scientific studies are not available. In German speaking patients’ fora, for example, or, all available information comes down to: andullation therapy is a special bench for an expensive price. One retired person couldn’t resist the advertisement and spent his savings (€ 3500) on the bench.

Andullation therapy comes to the UK: It has been my motivation translate and rewrite me own blog entry.

I advise not to invest in such a costly therapy, that comes without scientific prove of its claims.


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