Friday, December 9, 2011

The German Fibromyalgia Consumer Reports

Winfried Häuser and colleagues looked at consumer reports to assess benefit or harm of therapies. The questionnaire was distributed by the German League for People with Arthritis and the German Fibromyalgia Association as well as nine clinical institutions to consecutive patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Top 10 of therapies with the highest benefit: whole body heat therapies, thermal bath, FMS education, resting, local warmth, inpatient care in department of integrative medicine, lymph drainage, aerobic exercise, bath, inpatient rehabilitation in department of rheumatology.
Top 10 of therapies with the highest harm: strong opioids, local cold therapy, anticonvulsants, tramadol, transdermal opioids, duloxetin, amitriptylin, tramadol with paracetamol, tilidin, cold chamber.
The results show the importance of non-pharmacologic therapies and the poor benetit risk ratio of drug therapies in long term management of of fibromyalgia.

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