Monday, December 19, 2011

A Glimpse at North Korea: My home is my castle

My home is my castle

In the larger cities you see high buildings and that’s all you see. You can’t see the interiors. But you can imagine that you live in a castle, high up, stairs, stairs, and stair and no working elevator because of energy shortage. You might see nice buildings or unfinished concrete.

In rural areas the families have own houses with a small garden. Even in the well doing communities you don’t see much furniture. You might see a TV set, one picture shows a Chinese calligraphy (永和万事成) saying eternally all things succeed. Heating comes from under the house (ondol heating). In the kitchen all is prepared at ground level. Slim people don’t have problems crouching, but obese people would have problems preparing their meals so. You might recognize the small windmills to produce electricity. We’ve seen only some of the household utensils using electricity; some were obviously hidden as you don’t show off in North Korea. There are even refrigerators, but how to keep these working with power cuts.

(I had written this blog entry before the death of Kim Jong Il)

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