Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another scam letter

The newest scam letter comes from Spain. Mrs. Lienhua Qian Jiang introduced herself as Bills and Exchange Manager or the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (中国工商银行), Oficina Central in Valencia, Spain. And she has written to Germany. If you receive such a letter, better don’t get greedy and try to get 40% of 22.5 million US$. Simply file the letter or fax in your wastebasket.

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Wikipedia has a nice article on scam letters:


One year later and another scam letter, now from Afghanistan and by email. Let me introduce to you:
The Clinton Romesha Scam

"Hello Dear,
I will ask you to pardon my intrusion because this is out of desperation, I have made the decision.
The link attached to this message only show one side of the story, but the other side of the story is that I lost close friends that I have until this moment find it very difficult to console their loved once that they left behind.
The reason why the Taliban organized such a huge force to attack us was that few hours before we had intercepted a money trail that we confiscated and was still in our champ, the amount is about 9,000,000,00 Million US Dollars.
Unfortunately, they could not over power us but a lot was lost that day and because of this, myself and a couple of my team mates decided to hand the funds which are already in a box for storage until we have the confidentiality required to move out the funds.
The families of those that lost their loved ones will like nothing more than a little offering from their father’s dedication. And that is why I am contact you in confidence for your assistance to help retrieve the funds into your custody.
This operation have been carefully thought of and I can assure you it is risk free. If you accept, I will like know to have a confidential contract with you so our privacy protection and then further details will be provided to you.
The sharing of the funds will be discussed before the agreement will be signed all of these is to ensure that we all have accepted to be partners in this operation.
Thank you for taking your time to read this message and I am expecting your responds in my private Email : clifton_romesha@yahoo.com 
Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha"

There's one question to ask: Why should Clinton Romesha contact me? And another question, even more interesting, how did he get my email address? And I don't think that Clinton Romesha contacted me. Another scam to lure the greedy.

Yet another try by one John Fleisher - I call it the Charity Donation Scam:
"This is to inform you that a Charity Donation has been made to you from Mr and Mrs XXX. For detailed Information contact Mr.XXX On His Private email: ( XXX@rogers.com ) This email is intended for the designated recipient(s) only, and may be confidential, non-public, proprietary, protected by the attorney/client or other privilege. Unauthorized reading, distribution, copying or other use of this communication is prohibited and may be unlawful. Receipt by anyone other than the intended recipient(s) should not be deemed a waiver of any privilege or protection. If you are not the intended recipient or if you believe that you have received this email in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete all copies from your computer system without reading, saving, or using it in any manner. Although it has been checked for viruses and other malicious software ("malware"), we do not warrant, represent or guarantee in any way that this communication is free of malware or potentially damaging defects. All liability for any actual or alleged loss, damage, or injury arising out of or resulting in any way from the receipt, opening or use of this email is expressly disclaimed."

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  1. And another one by "Antonio Crespo", who wants to split 9.500.000 € between himself and the fax receicer. He poses as a lawyer in Lisboa. A distant relative, whom I never heard of, died in a car crash and ... the usual scheme of scam letters from Nigeria.