Friday, October 5, 2012

Enhanced fatigue improvement from RA treatment with secukinumab

H. Kellner and colleagues presented a study on fatigue improvement at the 40th Congress of the German Society for Rheumatology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Rheumatologie) at Bochum 19.-22.09.2012. Fatigue was assessed by using the Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Fatigue (FACIT-F) and the SF-36v2 vitality (VT) scale. As for the conclusion, please look below. It is interesting and promising that fatigue is addressed more and more by recent studies. A couple of years ago nothing much happened in the evaluation of this key complaint of our patients!

Enhanced fatigue improvement from RA treatment with secukinumab: An
application of IRT methodology
Kellner, Herbert, Prof. 1, Gnanasakthy, Ari 2, Kosinski, Mark 3, Durez, Patrick, Dr. med. 4, Mallya, Usha 2, Mpofu, Shephard, Dr. med. 5
Conclusions: IRT methods offer a promising approach to improving the measurement of fatigue in treatment studies of RA.

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