Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Carpe Diem Haiku Ran (orchids) 欄

After the battle
Samurai leave, grass remains
Soon to grow orchids

Barren flower pot
Withered orchid flowers
Bit of perfume left

Big bell sounding from
The temple through the garden
Full of orchid scent

When summer lies down
And autumn lures with colours
White orchids remain


  1. I have a withered pot of orchids
    the dry flowers still cling to the stem
    the picture you paint is a dramatic one

  2. The very last haiku is my very favorite. I can see summer lying down. I can see autumn with her alluring colors. Most of all, I can see one pure white orchid, offering itself to me. Lovely.

    Red and Yellow Orchid

  3. That first haiku is really great.

  4. Great haiku set Lothar! Wonderful depiction of the orchid environment! Nicely!


  5. What a wonderful series of haiku Lothar that first is just great and brought a haiku by Basho into my mind:

    Summer grasses
    all that remains
    of soldiers dreams

    So your haiku is very well written in the spirit of Basho.

    1. Great haiku! Thanks for the honour to associate Basho's haiku with my haiku.