Monday, September 30, 2013

Olokizumab – any new developments?

I’m a bit surprised that lots of people look at my article on olokizumab today (30.09.2013).  Link: The results presented at the ACR 2012 in Washington were in line with UCB’s announcement on Sept. 26th, 2012. Link:
As nothing on olokizumab appeared at the EULAR meeting in Madrid in June 2013, I wondered: “Nothing! / Very strange as olokizumab targets interleukin-6 (IL-6). … Postponed or abandoned?” Link:
In July 2013 there had been another announcement by UCB: “UCB out-licenses RA drug olokizumab to Russia's R-Pharm”. Link:

I’m a bit surprised. Does this sudden interest in my article suggest that olokizumab is going to be tested further and eventually we’ll have another drug addressing IL-6? I’ve put olokizumab on my agenda for San Diego (ACR 2013).

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