Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Carpe Diem Haiku Wase (early rice) 早稲

Evergreen pine trees
Watching the rice change yellow
Scarecrow in the sun

The early rice
Drying in the sun
Pert sparrow

Rice drying
Rice cooking
Rice eating

Walking in rice fields
Fragrance of the early rice
Scarecrows keep the watch


  1. One hopes that the scarecrows are effective!

    Cooking Early Rice

  2. I'm thinking that the sparrow is just waiting for a chance to snatch a grain of rice or two!

    Old Man and Rice

  3. A little sparrow have to eat too...

  4. That first haiku is gorgeous and very strong in it's imagery Lothar. All haiku are great, but that first caught me.
    If it's ok I would love to use that first haiku in one of our next Tan Renga Challenges. Have a nice day.