Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New way of an old scam on LinkedIn

Today I've been contacted on LinkedIn and received a scam note:

Hello kirsch, Greetings to you. My name is Mr. [name] Haddad. I am a Bank Officer in Al Khan (Sharjah), United Arab Emirates. I am writing you in regards to an opportunity in my bank which will be of an immense benefit to both of us. It is about your last name which is the reason I contacted you. I know you would like me to explain in detail my purpose for contacting you here on LinkedIn but this is not something I can share with you on a platform like LinkedIn. I want you to write me through my email address:Hadda[name] I will reply you with details as soon as I receive your mail so you can tell me your mind after going through my letter. I look forward with eager anticipation of hearing from you. God bless. Regards, Haddad.

I must have been very unobservant to allow this individual on LinkedIn. To those, who aren't familiar with this kind of scam: if I'll give my email address to him, I'll receive an email tellling me, because I have the same name as a client I can get hold of the account of dead client and we devide the 14.5 zillion US$.

Please, if you receive such a mail, LinkedIn note, or fax (I did so these days - the Spanish scam), just don't answer it.


  1. And possible report the spam to Linkedin.

    1. Yes! I didn't succeed up till now. And I couldn't block him. I'll try again today.

    2. The problem dissolved into thin air. The spammer's account doesn't exist any more.