Friday, February 19, 2016

Twitter and more

I've just encountered problems to access the internet, especially my own blog and Twitter. I haven't found a solution, yet, but I'm working on it, which means I call the guys from IT. I had my coffee 1.0, but obviously this didn't help.

PS. Just tried to send this message to Twitter. Impossible.

PPS. I've just received an email by our IT manager: "...
aufgrund der aktuellen Sicherheitsprobleme bedingt durch die Cyberangriffe auf Krankenhäuser, wurden zahlreiche Schutzmassnahmen ergriffen.Unter anderem ist jeglicher Download aus dem Internet (somit auch der Dateizugriff), WebMail und div. Seiten gesperrt. ...". He refers to cyber attacs on hospitals in Germany, one of them is located only 10 km from here; German link:,15184906,33815836.html. So nearly everything is blocked now.

I've just got access to my blog again! Hooray!
New entries will follow soon.


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