Monday, July 14, 2014

Brodalumab at the EULAR 2014 in Paris

Brodalumab is an anti-IL 17 receptor MAB, which I think is a dead end in rheumatoid arthritis but a promising new drug on the horizon against psoriatic arthritis as it targets IL-17, which plays a role "in the pathogenesis and ongoing inflammation of psoriatic disease". Out of the three abstracts/posters on brodalumab, two are of interest for us.

P.J. Mease and colleagues presented the following study [SAT0404]: "FIFTY-TWO WEEK CLINICAL RESPONSE TO BRODALUMAB, AN ANTI-IL-17R ANTIBODY, IN SUBJECTS WITH PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS". Conclusions: "Brodalumab treatment was associated with improvements in musculoskeletal and skin symptoms in subjects with PsA. Clinical responses were sustained through week 52. These results support continued evaluation of brodalumab for treatment of PsA." I know, it's a phase 2 study and more shouldn't be expected.

M.C. Genovese and colleagues presented [AB0752]: "EFFICACY AND SAFETY OF BRODALUMAB OVER ONE YEAR IN PATIENTS WITH PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS WITH AND WITHOUT PRIOR EXPOSURE TO A BIOLOGIC". Conclusions: "Prior exposure to a biologic does not seem to affect the efficacy or tolerability of brodalumab over one year in the treatment of PsA." Good to hear as we might try after approval to treat patients with failures to TNF-inhibitors and/or failure to ustekinumab.

Brodalumab is promising in psoriatic arthritis, but still has a long way to go, which means for us: we have to wait. I won't expect approval within the next two years.


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