Monday, July 14, 2014

Secukinumab at the EULAR 2014 Meeting in Paris

Secukinumab is an anti-IL-17a MAB. I'm pretty sure, it won't work in rheumatoid arthritis patients, but we need more drugs in the field of treating patients with psoriatic arthritis. 

A. Gottlieb and colleagues presented the following study [AB0738]: "SECUKINUMAB REDUCES HSCRP LEVELS IN SUBJECTS WITH MODERATE-TO-SEVERE PLAQUE PSORIASIS AND CONCOMITANT PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS: A SUB-ANALYSIS FROM THE PHASE 3 ERASURE STUDY". Conclusions: "In subjects with psoriasis and concomitant PsA, secukinumab was associated with pronounced and sustained reductions in serum hsCRP levels indicating a reduction in inflammatory burden during secukinumab therapy."

I won't call it a major breakthrough, but it's enough to keep me interested. Hope to hear more about secukinumab in the future.


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