Monday, July 7, 2014

Correcting Swan Neck Deformity in an Elegant Way

Swan neck deformity is seen quite often in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or other inflammatory diseases; the middle joint (PIP) is hyperextended, while the joint next to the fingertip (end-joint / DIP) is hyperflexed permanently. Murphy® Ring Splints restrict the abnormal hyperextension, but allow flexion of the middle joint (PIP joint). There are also splints made from plastic to act in the same way, but these don’t look so well. Here is a link to look at a picture with the steel Murphy® Ring Splint version:

One of our patients had the idea to have a better looking splint, which now looks like a jewelry and actually it’s made out of silver. 

You might wonder about the nail varnish: black, red, gold - the German colours because of the football world cup.
More information at

Today another of my patients came for a routine visit and showed another form of splint against swan neck deformity. 

The new splint is on the middle finger. And you can see the usual plastic splint on the index finger.

Another example of a Muphy ring made of silver and in constant use - nicely done!

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