Sunday, October 19, 2014

Markets in Central Asia

While travelling through Central Asia, I had the opportunity to visits markets. I like markets. I go on markets at home to buy fresh bread, fruits & veggies, but even more I like looking at markets in foreign countries. You can watch people and what they are buying and how they are buying. The weather in Tashkent and Almaty was bad, so the colours aren't as vivid as in the other locations.


Inside Siyob Bazaar

Even without a market stall, people are selling goods

All kinds of spices

In front of the bazaar

Waiting for customers - No Halloween in Samarkand!


I couldn't communicate so much to elucidate, what this gentleman was going to buy.

Pass in between Samarkand and Shakhrsabz



Looks much like my Grandmother's bottled fruits and veggies.

Grains, noodles, oil

The bushel is still in use ...
(Don't hide your light under a bushel!)

Red rice is most expensive.

Lovely, how the fruits are displayed!


Outside of the Green Bazaar

As it was just starting to rain, business was slow.

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