Thursday, October 9, 2014

Something is missing

While travelling I often ask myself, why some things nearly always are missing.

No. 1: The Plug
Hotel bathroom nearly always don't have a plug. This year I've been travelling through Central Asia, which means through arid countries. I don't like the idea of wasting water and energy, but shaving needs hot water; so I let it run. A plu would solve the problem.

No. 2: Space for Toiletries / Toiletries Bag
You may find sophisticated solutions in hotel bathrooms, but you don't find a planned space where to put your own toiletries.

No. 3: A Hook
Public toilets lack hooks. You might want to hang your jacket somewhere, but there's no hook! I must admit, when we've moved to the new wing of our hospital (out-patient department), I had to tell the technicians to fix a hook in the toilet as it hadn't been planned.

I call for better planning. May the world abound in hooks and plugs!

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