Sunday, October 19, 2014

Toilets in Central Asia

In 2012 some real bad examples of toilets alerted me on the fact that travel and toilets are a topic to comment on. I don’t want to go on and point on every bad toilet I’ve seen on my travels, but some experiences a worth to be passed.

Sometimes there is nothing but a very basic and very dirty hole in the ground. And sometimes you utterly surprised about the good condition of a toilet, where you didn’t expect such luxury. I will show some examples and can’t cover the topic exhaustively.

This rather unpromising raw building has been one of the very few options in between Khiva and Buchara.

Sorry to say, but the first impression turned out to be right. Though someone had a very good idea and put awesome effort into putting up a toilet in the desert, some butthead spoiled it.

As people are discrete, one doesn't need to have a door - or do you think otherwise?

The corresponding hole - I recall the odour and ... flies.

This is a washing room adjecent to a mosque in Tashkent. Marvelous. And of course marble.

The corresponding toilet 

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