Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Very Basic Guide to Languages of Central Asia

I had in mind to write on each language of some of the countries (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan), I've just visited in Central Asia, but ... you'd fare much better, if you concentrate to spend more time on the the Very Basic Guide to Russian, as Russian is still more widely spoken in these countries than English let's say in Germany or France. On the other hand, I'd like to give a few handy examples of the Central Asian languages.

Peace be with you (a common greeting) - assalomu alaykum
Hello! - salom!
Good bye! - Xayr! (x is pronounced like ch in Scottish Loch or German Ach!)
Welcome! - xush kelibsiz
Please - iltimos!
Thanks! - rahmat (don't forget to voice the h)
I come from - men ... dan keldim
I am from the the US - men Amerikadanman
Who? - Kim? (so don't just answer Kim but Kim Jong Un, if you want to talk about the North Korean dictator)
Sorry - kelchirasiz
Yes - ha
No - yoq

Hello! - salom!
Good bye! - sag bol
Welcome - koş geldiniz
Please - baş ustyüne
Thank you! - sag bol! (!)
Yes - hawa
No - yöq
I am from the the US - men Amerikadanman (as in Uzbek!)

Hello - salam
How are you? - kandaisiz?
Fine, thank you - jakshuh, raxmat
Please - suranych or otunuch
Thank you - rahmat
Yes - ooba
No - jok
I'm sorry - korushkoncho
Goodbye - jakshuh kalgula
You're welcome -echteke emes
(Not as close as Uzbek and Turkmen!)

PS. Mistakes are my mistakes!

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