Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Registan in Samarkand

The Registan is the old center of Samarkand. Registan is Persian (ریگستان), which you can see as the word has a گ (g), which is a letter that had to be added to the Arabian alphabet. Registan mean sandy place, it’s like arena, which is sand in Spanish. Is was the central square, where proclamations of the king to his subjects were made, and were of course his subjects were executed.
The architecture, which form the place is enormous, is a highlight of Central Asia. Three medreses (Islamic schools) are placed around three sides of the square. My favorite is the Ulug Beg Medrese (build between 1417–1420) – maybe not only because of the architecture but also because of the famous astronomer. The other two medreses of the Registan are: the Tilya-Kori Medrese (built between 1646–1660) and the Sher-Dor Medrese (build between 1619–1636)

Overview of the Registan

Tilya-Kori Medrese 

Before reconstruction and renovation

Sher-dor Medrese

Enlargement of exterior

Exterior art

Inside the court of Tilya-Kori Medrese

Inside Ulug Beg Medrese

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