Monday, November 9, 2015

Carpe Diem Haiku No. 855 Meadow(s)

Snow piling on roof
Snow covering the meadows
Where are bats and mice?

Naked meadows
Now dressed in bridal white
Stains soon to come

The snow is melting
Dark meadow in the morning
Nightingale is back

Morning moving on
Dewdrops on the meadow

Spring goes off to sleep
Mists rising from the meadow
Lonely star, twinkling

Sunny meadow
A picnic on the ground
And ants joining

I do not summon
The cat in the meadow
Still keeps sitting

This burning sunrise
A quiet meadow in green
The chasing rabbits  

The dimming daylight
Cut meadow in straw yellow
Bats come out to hunt

This has been more reminiscing for me as I have already written some haiku with the prompt meadows. I hope you like this selection.