Thursday, November 5, 2015

Some Haiku from South America

Drizzle of white foam
Falling into the jungle
But eagles soar high

A country airport
All green around and tranquil
Safe boy and football

Clouds from far away
Shadows moving on the ground
While drinking a tea

Massive rock baking
The wind howls in the willow
Siesta with mate

White clouds and grey clouds
Dashing across the blue sky
Donkey looking down

Through the high mountains
A sandstorm out of nowhere
And vultures circling

Still some snow on top
The vastness of greyish rocks
Above the condor

Jasmine buds open
Fragrance and snow capped mountains
Missing the condor

The snow capped Andes
And Santiago city
Greeting each other

The sunny city
By the end of day’s turmoil
Some tranquillity

Old men at chess boards
Younger men to play a tune
Sun is dipping down

Shading the park San Martin
Birds picking on ground

Setting sun
On the plan’s wings
Clouds moving, too

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