Monday, November 23, 2015

Coffee - a Remarkable Experience in Argentina

A couple of months ago we had a discussion on Twitter at the German speaking corner on what to do, if you run out of paper filters for the drip. There are instant coffee, coffee pads, French press, Nespresso (actually I don’t consider this as coffee), and more - but you might not have this at home, because you believe in the coffee drip (e.g. flat bottom filter, syphon, clever dripper). You have coffee, but you lack the filters. And you don't have a French press down device. One solution could be paper towels, which one folds to make a filter. We came up with using tea filter bags, which you fill with coffee instead of tea. We thought we were inventive.
I still think we were and I've used this method, when I only wanted to brew a single cup of coffee. But have a look at what I've found in a hotel in Mendoza, Argentina. On a dim day I wanted to brew a coffee or a tea. I didn't see the usual instant coffee and thought I had to make tea, when I found this:

... café en saquitos - and how to make the coffee.

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