Thursday, November 26, 2015

Carpe Diem Haiku No. 866 Shevet Uul (or the valley of Shiveet Khairhan Mountain)


Glaring sun and wind

Try to erase old stories

Still eons to go



Grazing cattle



Around the campfire

The dancers are in a trance

Howling to the moon


Across the flat lands

Dust rising behind the beasts

Not carved for trophy


PS. I might change the pictures. I didn't find the originals on my backup external HHD, which makes me nervous!


  1. Love the approach to sacred places...the last haiku - most enchanted....

  2. Well the pictures are a delight - they echo with the haiku. I love that nature does her best to erase man's pictures yet somehow they endure.

  3. Great set! I can very well see the dancers in the trance. Very vivid.

  4. Wow! A resounding message echoes in the first. But then I am drawn to to the simplicity and sound (alliteration) in the second. All are powerfully poems.

  5. Beautifully conceived and written post ... very powerfully and written in true haiku simplicity .. a lovely write indeed. Bastet

    (Sorry, I erased the original by chance. Thank you very much!)

  6. Great interpretation of the petroglyphs...i especially like the first haiku verse :)

  7. Thanks. I've found my pictures and look, if I might add one or two.