Monday, August 8, 2016

Cold Brewed Coffee

I like to drink cold coffee. Lately someone suggested that one can extract coffee into cold water and need not brew coffee with hot water. Other people tell me, that the best coffee is freshly hand filtered coffee (no automatic drip or espresso). But as I like my coffee cold, I have to wait for the coffee to cool down. And I have to defend my coffee, at least here in hospital, as people (for the most part new nurses) feel inclined to pour away cold coffee.

Cold brew coffee, however, isn’t what I have in mind. That’s a concentrate, which might be used to make hot coffee. But then, you could use instand coffee instead.
You can look at the link that I already have experimented with brewing coffee differently. I use a tea bag with two coffee spoons of coffee and put it into a mug of cold water. Even as early as two hours later I have a drinkable coffee. With the concentrate you let the coffee brew for 18-24 hours.

Some people told me that cold brewed coffee contains more caffeine, but others doubt this. Maybe cold brewing means extracting less acids and/or compounds binding caffeine, so that more caffeine is available – but that’s a hypothesis I cannot verify. Cold brewed coffee tastes less bitter, it has even a bit of sweetness.


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