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Acronyms of Studies in Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and more plus useful Abbreviations in Rheumatology 2.0

Acronyms are used to give studies a short memorizable name. These studies appear more often in citations ( Nobody can remember all these studies. So I've selected the more important ones. I limited this overview to studies on rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis. The studies had to appear in discussions at different ACR and EULAR Meetings, journals. And I've also added some pseudo-acronyms, acronyms of registries, and some acronyms of associations, which are used in the discussions. If I have omitted a relevant study, please let me know. This is an ongoing project.
This is my second approach; therefore I call it “Acronyms of Studies in Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, and Ankylosing Spondylitis 2.0”. I started the version 1.0 in 2012 and updated it until the End of 2016. It contains lots of new, but all of the old entries.

ABILITY-1 efficacy and safety of adalimumab in patients with non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis

A-BREAK bridging vacation in patients on s.c. abatacept with i.v. abatacept and back to s.c. abatacept

ABILITY-2 adalimumab in patients with peripheral spondyloarthritis

ACCELERATE RA study??? I’ve found: evacetrapib in participants with high-risk vascular disease (a study in cardiology)

ACCOMPANY subcutaneous abatacept in RA with and without methotrexate

ACHILLES ??? a study in angiology?

ACQUIRE subcutaneous abatacept versus intravenous abatacept

ACTION a randomized placebo-controlled, blinded study of escalating doses of ocrelizumab

ACTION real-world effectiveness of abatacept for rheumatoid arthritis

ACT-LIFE usage and dosification patterns of tocilizumab in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

ACT-RAY actemra (tocilizumab) radiographic study

ACT-SURE actemra (tocilizumab) [unclear what sure stands for]

ADACTA adalimumab actemra (tocilizumab) head-to-head-study

ADAMO study to compare the efficacy and safety of denosumab vs. placebo in males with osteoporosis

ADEPT the adalimumab effectiveness in psoriatic arthritis trial

ADJUST abatacept study to determine the effectiveness in preventing the development of rheumatic arthritis in patients with undifferentiated inflammatory arthritis and to evaluate safety and tolerability

ADMIRE adalimumab in rheumatoid arthritis patients in stable clinical remission

AGREE abatacept study to gauge remission and joint damage in early erosive rheumatoid Arthritis

AIM abatacept in inadequate responders to methotrexate

ALLOW subcutaneous abatacept in RA - impact of withdrawal and reintroduction

AMARA rituximab in combination with leflunomide in rheumatoid arthritis

AMBITION actemra versus methotrexate double blind investigative trial in monotherapy

AMPLE abatacept vs. adalimumab in biologic naive RA patients with background MTX

APPEAL randomized comparison of etanercept with usual therapy in an Asian population

APPRAISE prospective, multinational study using the composite greyscale/PDUS synovitis score

ARCTIC ultrasound in rheumatoid arthritis patients under a T2T therapy

ARMADA anti-TNF factor research study program of the monoclonal antibody adalimumab (D2E7) in rheumatoid arthritis

ARRIVE abatacept researched in RA patients with inadequate anti-TNF response to validate effectiveness

ARTIS Swedish biologics register

ASAS/COMOSPA - evaluation of co-morbidities in spondyloarthritis

AS - EARLY etanercept in early non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis

ASPIRE active controlled study of patients receiving infliximab for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis of early onset

ASSERT ankylosing spondylitis study for the evaluation of recombinant infliximab therapy

ASTRAEA active psoriatic arthritis randomized trial

ATACC-RA a transatlantic cardiovascular risk calculator for rheumatoid arthritis

ATLAS adalimumab trial evaluating long term efficacy and safety for ankylosing spondylitis

ATTAIN abatacept trial in treatment of anti-TNF inadequate

ATTEST a trial for tolerability, efficacy, and safety in treating rheumatoid arthritis (infliximab)

ATTRA Czech national registry

ATTRACT anti-TNF trial in rheumatoid arthritis with concomitant therapy

ATTUNE switch from intravenous to subcutaneous abatacept

AVERT a very early rehabilitation trial (abatacept) / another source has: a very early rheumatoid arthritis treatment

AWAKEN abatacept withdrawal study to assess efficacy and safety in key endpoints in juvenile idiopathic arthritis not responding to current treatment

BALANCE I ABT-494, a JAK-a-inhibitor in rheumatoid arthritis patients

BARFOT better antirheumatic farmacotherapy (prednisolone)

BeST behandelings strategie

BiKeR German biologics registry for juveniles

BiOCURA biologicals and outcome compared and predicted Utrecht region in Rheumatoid Arthritis cohort

BIOSPAR Leuven spondyloarthritis biologics cohort

BioTRAC Canadian register

BREVACTA tocilizumab by subcutaneous injection in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

BRIGHT adalimumab - correct name?

BRILL British rheumatoid interstitial lung cohort

BSRBR-RA British Society for Rheumatology biologic register for rheumatoid arthritis

C-EARLY certolizumab in early, active rheumatoid arthritis

CAMEO etanercept compared to etanercept plus methotrexate in moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis

CAMERA 2 computer assisted management in early rheumatoid arthritis

CAPEA Course and Prognosis of Early Arthritis

CAPRA circadian administration of prednisone in rheumatoid arthritis (modified release prednisone)

CareRA MTX monotherapy against MTX combination with another synthetic DMARD in DMARD naive RA patients with unfavorable prognosis

CASSANDRA cervical arthritis screening and treatment in RA

CATCH Canadian early arthritis cohort

C-EARLY efficacy and safety of certolizumab pegol in combination with methotrexate in the treatment of DMARD-naïve adults with early active rheumatoid arthritis

CERTAIN efficacy and safety of certolizumab pegol after incomplete response to DMARDS in RA patients with low to moderate disease activity

CHERISH tocilizumab in polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis

CIMAX certolizumab in axial spondyloarthritis (noninterventional study)

CIMESTRA ciclosporin, methotrexate, steroid in rheumatoid arthritis

CLEAR efficacy of secukinumab compared to ustekinumab in patients with plaque-type psoriasis

COBRA combinatie therapie bij reumatoide artritis

COMEDRA comorbidities in rheumatoid arthritis

COMET combination of methotrexate under etanercept in early rheumatoid arthritis

COMORA prevalence of comorbidities in rheumatoid arthritis

COMOSPA - evaluation of co-morbidities in spondyloarthritis

CONCERTO combination therapy with adalimumab in subjects with early rheumatoid arthritis


CORRONA consortium of rheumatology researchers of north america database

DANBIO database for Danish patients on biologics

DANCER dose ranging assessment – international clinical evaluation of rituximab in rheumatoid arthritis

DARWIN drug against rheumatoid arthritis with selective JAK1 inhibition (filgotinib)

Discover-1 efficacy and safety of guselkumab s.c. in participants with active psoriatic arthritis including those previously treated with biologic anti -tumor necrosis factor (TNF) alpha agent(s)

DOSERA effect on disease activity when reducing or discontinuing etanercept in subjects with RA

DREAM Dutch rheumatoid arthritis monitoring

DRESS spacing injection intervals or pause adalimumab or etanercept in RA patients

EAC early arthritis clinic (Leiden)

EARC early arthritis recognition clinics (Leiden) [not the same as EAC!]

EARTH consistent efficacy and safety outcomes between European and Japanese subjects with rheumatoid arthritis following treatment with mavrilimumab

EARTH EXPLORER-1 mavrilimumab in subjects with rheumatoid arthritis and inadequate response to methotrexate

EASIC ankylosing spondylitis infliximab cohort

EIRA epidemiologic investigation of rheumatoid arthritis (Sweden)

EMBARK clinical and MRI responses to etanercept in non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis

ENRADAS effects of NSAIDs on radiographic damage in ankylosing spondylitis

ENTRACTE tocilizumab in comparison to etanercept in participants with rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disease risk factors
era early rheumatoid arthritis

ERASURE efficacy of response and safety of two fixed secukinumab regimens in psoriasis

ESPERA experimental study of periodontitis and rheumatoid arthritis

ESPOIR a large national multicenter, longitudinal and prospective cohort initiated by the French Society of Rheumatology

ESTHER effects of etanercept versus sulfasalazine in early axial spondyloarthritis on active inflammatory lesions as detected by whole-body magnetic resonance imaging

FasT not interventional study concerning certolizumab

FAST4WARD efficacy and safety of certolizumab pegol – 4-weekly dosage in rheumatoid arthritis

FILM safety and efficacy of ocrelizumab in combination with methotrexate

FINRACO Finnish rheumatoid arthritis combination therapy

FIRST rituximab after first TNF-inhibitor

FIXTURE full year investigative examination of secukinumab vs. etanercept Using two dosing regimens to determine efficacy in psoriasis

FORCAST follow up research cohort in ankylosing spondylitis

FREEDOM discontinuation of denosumab and associated fracture incidence

FUNCTION efficacy and safety of tocilizumab with or without methotrexate in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis, who are methotrexate naive

FUTURE 1/2 secukinumab in psoriatic arthritis

GEMS Guildford evaluation of methotrexate

GERINIS rituximab in patients with rheumatoid arthritis in routine practice

GESPIC German spondyloarthritis inception cohort

GiACTA giant-cell arteritis actemra trial

GISEA gruppo taliano studio early arthritis

GO-AFTER golimumab after anti-TNF in rheumatoid arthritis patients

GO-AHEAD golimumab in active nr-axSpA

GO-BEFORE golimumab in active rheumatoid arthritis before methotrexate therapy

GO-FORWARD golimumab in active rheumatoid arthritis despite methotrexate therapy

GO-FURTHER intravenous golimumab for active rheumatoid arthritis

GO-KIDS golimumab in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) and multiple joint involvement and poor response to methotrexate

GO-MONO golimumab monotherapy in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis

GO-MORE subcutaneous golimumab for rheumatoid arthritis, followed by intravenous/subcutaneous golimumab strategy

GO-NICE non interventional study of golimumab in RA patients

GO-RAISE golimumab in active ankylosing spondylitis (did you see the R? actually all GO-plus study names aren´t clean acronyms)

GO-REVEAL golimumab in active psoriatic arthritis

GO-VIBRANT a study of golimumab in participants with active psoriatic arthritis

GRACE GRAPPA composite exercise

GRAPPA group for research and assessment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

GRAND 1-3 studies on denosumab in osteoporosis

GUEPARD guérir la polyarthrite rheumotoide débutante (adalimumab)

GUESS Glasgow ultrasound enthesitis screening system

HIT HARD high induction therapy with anti-rheumatic drugs (adalimumab and methotrexate)

HONOR humira discontinuation without functional and radiographic damage progression following sustained remission

HOPEFUL Japanese study on adalimumab in combination with low-dose MTX

ICHIBAN non interventional study on safety and efficacy of tocilizumab in RA patients

Illuminate-1 tabalumab vs. placebo in SLE

Illuminate-2 tabalumab vs. placebo in SLE

Illuminate-X tabalumab vs. placebo in SLE open label

IMPACT infliximab multinational psoriatic arthritis controlled trial

IMPROVED remission induction therapy with methotrexate and prednisone in patients with early rheumatoid and undifferentiated arthritis

INFAST infliximab for treatment of axial spondyloarthritis

INFAST 2 infliximab for treatment of axial spondyloarthritis, maintenance of biologic free remission

JuMBO juvenile arthritis methotrexate/biologics long-term observation registry as follow-up-registry of BiKeR

LATIN-RA  ??? someone recently cited such a study, which I've never had heard about before

LAUNCH long term safety and efficacy of multiple rituximab cycles in RA

LITHE tocilizumab safety and the prevention of structural joint damage) methotrexate and sulfasalazine combination trial

LOPAS longterm outcome in psoriatic arthritis

MACE major adverse cardiovascular events

MAPP multinational assessment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

MASTER multicenter ankylosing spondylitis survey trial to evaluate and compare referral parameters in early SpA

MEASURE 1/2 secukinumab in ankylosing spondylitis

MIPA methotrexate in psoriatic arthritis

MIRAI early response to tocilizumab (actually it isn't an acronym; mirai is Japanese [未来 / みらい] for future - so let's call it a pseudo-acronym) 

MOSAICS managing osteoarthritis in consultations

MUSICA methotrexate dose in RA patients under adalimumab

NEXUS namilumab phase IIb in rheumatoid arthritis (anti-GM-CSF-MAB)

NOAR Norfolk arthritis register

NOR-DMARD a Norwegian 5-center register

NOR-SWITCH non inferiority study of infliximab biosimilar CT-P13 vs. infliximab originator

OASIS outcome assessment in ankylosing spondylitis international study (etanercept)

OPAL broaden oral psoriatic arthritis trial (tofacitinib)

OPAL beyond oral psoriatic arthritis trial (tofacitinib) in patients with inadequate response to TNFi

OPERA optimized treatment algorithm for patients with early rheumatoid arthritis

OPPOSITE infliximab in active rheumatoid arthritis after DMARD therapy

OPTIMA optimal protocol for treatment initiation with methotrexate and adalimumab


OPTION tocilizumab pivotal trial in methotrexate inadequate responders

OPTTIRA optimizing treatment with tumor necrosis factor inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis (dose tapering) ORAL Scan / 24-month study in inadequate responders to MTX receiving tofacitinib and background MTX

OPAL BEYOND tofacitinib in psoriatic arthritis subjects with inadequate response to TNF inhibitors

ORAL Sequel / Phase 2/3 open label follow-up study evaluating patients who had participated in a prior randomized Phase 2 or Phase 3 study of tofacitinib (monotherapy or in combination with traditional DMARDs)

ORAL Solo / 6-month monotherapy study in inadequate responders to a DMARD (traditional or biologic) receiving tofacitinib monotherapy

ORAL Standard / 12-month study in inadequate responders to MTX receiving tofacitinib and background MTX, with active control of adalimumab and background MTX

ORAL Start / 24-month study in MTX-naïve patients receiving tofacitinib monotherapy or MTX

ORAL Step / 6-month study in inadequate responders to TNF-inhibiting therapy receiving tofacitinib and background MTX

ORAL Sync / 12-month study in inadequate responders to a DMARD (traditional or biologic) receiving tofacitinib and background traditional DMARD(s)

ORBIT orencia as biological infusion treatment for RA

ORION orencia remission induction and outcome navigation

OSKIRA oral SYK inhibition in rheumatoid arthritis - fostamatinib

PALACE apremilast in active psoriatic arthritis

PARA pregnancy induced amelioration of rheumatoid arthritis

PASE psoriatic arthritis screening and evaluation

PHOENIX 1 and 2 long-term efficacy of ustekinumab in patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis (not arthritis, but are cited for reasons of drug safety)

PEST psoriasis epidemiology screening tool

POEET potential optimalisation of expediency of TNFi study

POET-US part of POEET, if ultrasound may predict flares

PLANETAS comparison between infliximab an CT-P13 in ankylosing spondylitis

PLANETRA CT-P13 (infliximab biosimilar) with methotrexate in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis

PRAIRI prevention of rheumatoid arthritis by rituximab

PREDICT ? infliximab in patient with psoriatic arthritis?

PREMIER patients receiving methotrexate and infliximab for the treatment of early rheumatoid arthritis

PREMIER LTE patients receiving methotrexate and infliximab for the treatment of early rheumatoid arthritis, long term extension

PRESERVE etanercept in rheumatoid arthritis, dose reduction after one year

PRESTA psoriasis randomized etanercept study in subjects with psoriatic arthritis

PRINTO paediatric rheumatology international trials organisation (?)PRIZE producticity an remisssion in a randomized controlled trial of etanercept vs. standard care in early rheumatoid arthritis

PRIORA namilumab in patients with mild to moderate rheumatoid arthritis (anti-GM-CSF-MAB)

PRIZE assessing maintenance of remission after withdrawal of etanercept plus methotrexate, methotrexate alone, or placebo in early rheumatoid arthritis patients who achieved remission with etanercept and methotrexate: the PRIZE study

PROMPT probable rheumatoid arthritis – methotrexate versus placebo treatment

PSUMMIT ustekinumab in patients with psoriatic arthritis

RA-BEACON a moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis study (baricitinib)

RA-BEAM baricitinib vs. placebo and vs. adalimumab

RA-BEGIN baricitinib vs. methotrexate

RA-BUILD a moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis study participants (baricitinib)

RA-Score MRI study in RA patients treated with rituximab

RABBIT German register for patients on biologics

RACAT rheumatoid arthritis comparison of active therapies

RADIATE research on actemra determing efficacy after anti-TNF failure

RAISE - rheumatoid arthritis independent Swiss treatment expectations and outcome (abatacept)

RAMS rheumatoid arthritis methotrexate study

RAPID rheumatoid arthritis prevention of structural damage

RAPID-axSpA certolizumab in axial spondyloarthritis

RAPID-PsA certolizumab in psoriatic arthritis

RATE-RA shortening infusion time in rituximab

REACH Rotterdam early arthritis cohort

REACT research in active rheumatoid arthritis

Re-FIRST rituximab follow-up study to the FIRST study

REALISTIC RA evaluation in subjects receiving tnf inhibitor certolizumab pegol

REFLEX randomized evaluation of long-term efficacy of rituximab

REMARCA Russian investigation of methotrexate and biologics in early active inflammatory arthritis

REMARK ifliximab in active rheumatoid arthritis

RESTART active rheumatoid arthritis with insufficient response to etanercept or adalimumab and methotrexate

RETREAT (F) feasibility of methotrexate withdrawal

RETRO a non-interventional study in RA patients to look at dose reduction of conventional and biologic DMARDs

RHAPSODY review of safety and effectiveness with adalimumab in Patients with active ankylosing spondylitis

RISA-III rheumatology integration into student education

RISING dose escalation of infliximab in MTX refractory RA patients

RISING impact on radiographic and clinical response to infliximab therapy

ROAD research on osteoarthritis against disability

ROC rotation or change of biotherapy after first anti-TNF treatment failure for rheumatoid arthritis, a French study

ROSE tocilizumab in rheumatoid arthritis patients with previous inadequate response to DMARDs

RRR a Japanese study on remicade remission in rheumatoid arthritis patients

SAMURAI study of active controlled monotherapy used for rheumatoid arthritis, an IL-6 inhibitor

SARIL-RA-ASCERTAIN safety and tolerability of sarilumab and tocilizumab in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

SARIL-RA-EASY auto-injector device in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

SARIL-RA-MOBILITY sarilumab on top of methotrexate in rheumatoid arthritis patients

SARIL-RA-MONARCH efficacy and safety of sarilumab and adalimumab monotherapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

SARIL-RA-TARGET efficacy and safety of sarilumab added to non-biologic DMARD therapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis SATORI study of active controlled tocilizumab for rheumatoid arthritis patients with an inadequate response to methotrexate

SCRIPT study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of ocrelizumab compared to placebo in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis who have had an inadequate response to at least one anti-TNF thearpy

SIRROUND-D sirukumab in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis despite DMARD therapy

SIRROUND-H comparison of sirukumab to adalimumab monotherapy in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis

SIRROUND-LTE long term extension to evaluate sirukumab in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis

SIRROUND-T sirukumab in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis despite TNFi therapy

SMILE safety of methotrexate in combo with leflunomide in rheumatoid arthritis

SPACE spondyloarthritis caught early cohort

SPAH Sao Paulo aging and health study

SPARSE spondyloarthritis responds to etanercept

SPIRIT-P1 ixekizumab vs. placebo vs. adalimumab in rheumatoid arthritis

STAGE Study to evaluate the safety of ocrelizumab compared to placebo in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis continuing methotrexate treatment

STAR safety trial of adalimumab in rheumatoid arthritis

START safety trial for rheumatoid arthritis with remicade therapy

STEREO safety and efficacy of adalimumab in patients with active psoriatic arthritis - an open-label, multinational study to evaluate the response to every-other-week adalimumab when added to insufficient standard therapy including patients who failed prior treatment with other tnf-inhibitors

STRASS spacing of TNF-blocker injections in rheumatoid arthritis study

STREAM long-term safety and efficacy of tocilizumab

SUMMACTA subcutaneous formulation of tocilizumab in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

SUNRISE retreatment with rituximab in patients with rheumatoid arthritis receiving background methotrexate

SWEFOT Swedish pharmacotherapy

SWITCH-RA rituximab versus an alternative TNF inhibitor in patients with rheumatoid arthritis who failed to respond to a single previous TNF inhibitor

TAMARA tocilizumab and DMARDs achievements in rheumatoid arthritis

TaSER treat to target in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis with the help of ultrasound

TEAR treatment of early aggressive rheumatoid arthritis

TELLUS namilumab vs adalimumab in participants with moderate to severe early arthritis inadequately responding to methotrexate

TEMPO trial of etanercept an methotrexate with radiographic outcomes

TICOPA comparing tight control of early psoriatic arthritis

TICORA tight control for rheumatoid arthritis

TIRA early interventions in rheumatoid arthritis - Swedish cohort

TOCERRA tocilizumab collaboration of European registries in rheumatoid arthritis

TOMORROW total mangement of risk factors in RA patients to lower morbidity and mortality

TOPAS ustekinumab for the treatment of patients with active ankylosing spondylitis

TOPAS Toronto psoriatic arthritis screening

TORPEDO  study on rapid effect of tocilizumab in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

TOWARD tocilizumab in combination with traditional DMARD therapy)

TRACE-RA statin therapy may prevent CVD in rheumatoid arthritis

tREACH trial in patients with recent-onset of arthritis

TREAT-JIA trial of early aggressive drug therapy in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (etanercept and MTX)

TRUST a tocilizumab study from Italy

TryCort diagnostic value of oral prednisolone test for rheumatoid arthritis

TSORA trichiuris suis ova in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and inadequate response to methotrexate

U-ACT-EARLY tocilizumab and methotrexate in combination or as Monotherapy in treatment-naïve patients eith early rheumatoid arthritis 3P Survey assessment of behaviour of French rheumatologists to the prescription of synthetic and biologic DMARDs

UNCOVER-1 ixekizumab vs. placebo in patients with psoriasis

UNCOVER-2 ixekizumab vs. etanercept and vs. placebo in patients with psoriasis

UNCOVER-3 ixekizumab vs. etanercept and vs. placebo in patients with psoriasis 

VISUAL I+II adalimumab in pats. with noninfectious anterior Uveitis

And a list for three letter abbreviations of DMARDs:
ABA - abatacept
ADA - adalimumab
APR - apremilast
AZA – azathioprine
BAR – baricitinib
CLQ – chloroquine (also CQ)
CyA - cyclosporine A
CZP - certolizumab
ETN - etanercept
GLM – golimumab
HCQ - hydroxychloroquine
IFX - infliximab
LEF - leflunomide
MMF - mycophenolate
MTX – methotrexate
RTX - rituximab
SSZ - sulfasalazine
SEC - secukinumab
TFB - tofacitinib
TOC – tocilizumab
UST - ustekinumab

The following abbreviations are common now:
csDMARD - conventional (like MTX or leflunomide)
tsDMARD - targeted (like apremilast or tofacitinib)
boDMARD - biologic originator (like Remicade)
bsDMARD - biosimilar (like Inflektra)

If you want to know more about acronyms and studies, here's the link to the book: I've checked some of the studies with this book.

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