Friday, November 23, 2012

Carpe Diem Haiku Issa Special #8

No mountain far
No meditation so deep
That beauty won’t awake the monk

Meditation hall
Grey walls and sombre meditation
Spring’s scents entering

Spring flourishing
The happy monk goes
Behind the hedge


  1. Nicely written Lothar. Love the way you have used the haiku by Issa for your inspiration.

    1. Good Day Lothar, it's such a shame if you don't post your wonderful haiku ... so I took the freedom to link them myself. I have linked the 'Special' and 'Silver Birch'. Do you have problems with linking? I have heard from several others that the linking widget on Carpe Diem doesn't work good every time.

  2. Hi, Kristjaan!
    Actually there are problems with linking, but I haven't found out, why it didn't work or better, why it works sometimes and sometimes not. I had the idea it was the hyphen I used, but then it worked with hyphen. So, I hope someone finds the fault in the linking software soon. Thank you for linking my haiku.